Paid Off

There's nothing better than seeing all those hours of hard work and late nights of sleep have finally paid off. For LESS.AND.MORE  is now on and ready to begin filling your wardrobe with our strong twisted basic pieces.
And here are some of our photos from last week's official launch event. Kindly go to our fan page to see more of them.

P.S I would also like to thank Plaza Indonesia for putting on such an awesome event. It was really a pleasure to be part of it.

4 comment(s):

ARIO ACHDA said...

congratulation for the launching!
i was out of town, otherwise i would be there supporting you girls *lebih ke ganggu sih instead of supporting* :p

good luck with the new project!

Owen said...

I want to rob all of them!! <3 I super love your style kakk :)

titaz said...

Congratz :)


fashion trends said...

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