What Every Modern Woman Needs

As promised, I am going to share several of Panasonic's latest range of beauty and grooming products. Frankly speaking, these devices are so impressive yet you might want to have them all. I just love the whole idea that they didn't just come up with stylish design and convenience to supplement Asian modern women lifestyles, they have also incorporated the unique and advanced Nanoe™ technology, the nano-sized ion particles that contain 1000 times more water than negatives ions. It is also supplemented with long-lasting moisture capability, which retains moisture longer to increase the effectiveness of the product. 
I'm also pretty amazed knowing the main benefits of Nanoe™ technology for our hair and skin. They are just exactly what modern women needs. Firstly, nano-sized moisture ions creates a long-lasting moisture infusion function, resulting well moisturized, elastic and glossy hair. Second, it also helps our scalp keep healthy and moisturized, even more it also reduces oiliness on the scalp. Lastly, it also prevents moisture from evaporating and helps lift dirt and oil off. Your skin texture is improved than before, as well as firm and supple. 
Long story shorts, here are the selection key products that will be rolled out in South-East Asia this October,

Compact Multi Straightener and Nanocare Hairdryer
Whether you want your hair look perfectly straightened or curled, this Panasonic's Compact Multi-Straightener could be your new best friend. It heats so quickly in 40 seconds and also comes with compact size. So easy to carry around, which is very good for traveling and a little touch-up while away from home.

Panasonic's Nanocare Hairdryer not only can gives your hair a smooth blowout. With  advanced Nanoe™ technology involved, it helps smoothen out hair cuticles and balance the pH of your hair, giving you healthy and silky hair all the time. While drying your hair, the set mode also allows temperature to be set at 50 degrees Calcius, so it also protects your hair from excessive heat damage.

Face Hair Ionizer
This Panasonic's Face-Hair Ionizer is specially designed to keep your skin and hair moisturized simultaneously. It can be used anytime and anywhere, consistently use it while you're working in the office or while you're sleepping in your bedroom. Just simply to let its Nanoe™ particles penetrate the deepest layer of skin which then help refine your skin texture and firm up hair surface, leading to soft and elastic hair. Definitely all you need to attain smoother skin and shinier hair.

Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer
When it comes to an ideal companion for a pampering home spa experience, this Panasonic's Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer is just exactly what you need. Comes with the ultra-fine nano-ionic steam that permeates the skin's surface easily to moisturize from within and also helps to lift dirt and oil off the skin, providing a deep cleansing treatment for your face. Frequent use of this product will increases the firmness and suppleness of your skin.

Pocket Doltz Toothbrush
Last but not least, it is once said that a smile is one of your best beauty accessories. Well, according to that, I believe Panasonic must have had us in mind when they created this compact  Pocket Doltz Toothbrush. The sonic vibration toothbrush operates at 16.000 brush strokes per minute, providing the teeth with gentle and effective cleansing. The dual edged brush is also structured to fit perfectly in your mouth. Slip it to your handbag and go add a dazzle to your smile.

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