Make A Change

 Comes with a strong desire to make a change for something better is the main reason for Cita Cinta throwing Cita Cinta Change-lebration event, on last Sunday, as a part of Jakarta Fashion Week 2013, combining fashion show by Indonesian talented young designers, Kleting and Nikicio, flash-mob dance, and the makeover competition. Along with that, I was asked to be one of the judges, with other bloggers, Cindy and Chekka, to choose the Bravest Makeover winner, that goes to one of the finalists, Veronica.
For me, personally, it is always exciting to see a change, as it might always heads up to the new chapter. Congratulation to Cita Cinta, next level awaits!

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Tiffany Veronica said...

i bet that was a really nice and fun fashion week. how i just wish i could be there. :) visit and follow my blog please?i would be very happy if you would like to :)