Trick & Treat

Sorry with my absence for quite some time, been overwhelmed with all the preparations going for my special day coming at the end of this month. Regardless my short time to write, I have something interesting to share with you girls. 
It's pretty obvious that girls are always excited when it comes to pampering beauty treats. That's exactly what happened when I was first ever hosting a private beauty bash. I got the chance to share a fabulous Saturday afternoon with my closest friends at the Clinique Summer Beauty Bash on last May. We managed to feel pampered with skin typing, mini facial and makeover. Also explored more about summer beauty essentials from Clinique, tried the products up close, and got expert advice on how to use them.

At the end resulted in making some of these daily beauty product purchases when I returned home.
Here's my personal review.

Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30. 
This would be my first BB cream experience. I must say I really like this product. It does not only match my skin tone but also makes my face less shiny. Perfect for all-day long wearing. 

Blended Face Powder and Brush 
This powder simply works the best with my oily skin. It has a wonderful light and matte finish. I highly recommend. 

High Impact Curling Mascara 
What I love the most about this mascara, it comes with very easy to use applicator that instantly lengthens my eyelashes.

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gorgeous stunner
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Random Revelry said...

Love the blog and the pictures.

Latest Celebrity News said...

Superb! Thanks to share.

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Parag said...

love your blog. I really like that beauty product and also like Face Powder for my oily skin.

Salwar Kameez