Leave It To Downy.

They always say “old habits die hard”, but one thing about transitition is getting to learn new things. As a newlywed I have also started to take charge of many things on my own, from things like doing dishes, running errands and etc. Along with those to-do-lists, recently I often find difficulties on doing the laundry work. I keep facing similar problem that the clothes are not coming out fresh smelling. Until one day I came accross this interesting fabric softener product called Downy. Made with real perfume oils from one of the world’s leading perfume houses in France, Downy uses PMC (Perfume Micro Capsule) technology which infuses the perfume oil inside a capsule that is deposited on clothes during rinsing. In other words, it’s like “you’re wearing perfume without spraying any”. It also comes in different variants which includes Downy Innocence, Downy Passion and Downy Attraction. I have tried each of them and those three variants indeed smell wonderful and leave just enough lingering scent for me to notice all throughout the day.

As you have read my experience with Downy, I would recommend you to try it for yourself. Then join the “No Perfume No Worries” challenge from Downy. Simply upload your Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) photos and a brief story of your experience using Downy regularly for 7 days to this link using your personal computer. I actually have joined this challenge and find it pretty exciting.
It will run over 5 weeks, from November 11 to December 13, and each week Downy will pick one winner to get H&M vouchers worth IDR 500.000. And for 3 grand prize winners will get a chance to win Michael Kors bags and free Downy products. All winners will be announced on Downy Indonesia Facebook Fanpage. So, why wait? Join the challenge and prove them all that you dare enough to leave home without a splash of perfume!

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Danny Suyandi said...

love your look, simple yet gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

you look so pretty!

Avellia Anwar said...

nice look

visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

stay fab,
Miss Aa

Kosmo said...

Cool.. simple, elegant..