Stand Firm

It's only a day away to the New Year. Take time to reflect and recognize the transition you have made within this year. I believe every experiences we have had, has lead us to become a much better person.
It's such a great timing to take the next step and go further. Let's start courageously enough to keep moving forward. Because all those exciting possibilities and challenges await us and everything is possible if we believe it to be.

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wearing boxy top-H&M, tailored pants-B/I/N/C/A, platform sandals-Vintage at Linea

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Meilina Utomo said...

Like your great inspiring blog :)


Elisabeth Natasha said...

Such a cool outfit kak <3 can we following each other? So glad if u want kak :)
flower or crepe?

Anonymous said...

Nice selection and I love it. It's remind me to one of www.cantik.com collections, it has elegant and charming aura. I just simply loves it!

Paul Taylor said...

Thank you.