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To begin with I would like to say perhaps I'm not really a coffee person, I usually tend to treat myself to a small cup or two on weekend. On daily basis, making coffee at home is actually not an easy way for myself. Until I heard about this cool coffee machine that is using capsules with different taste and its simplicity would amazingly help you to produce that wonderful taste, one you would call "coffee made my day". 
Meet NescafĂ© Dolce Gusto Genio, I slightly proclaimed my love for this stylish and sleek device. Making drinks with this technologically advanced NescafĂ© Dolce Gusto Genio is a very quick yet easy process. From the switch on to brewing a cup of coffee takes no more than five minutes, do me a favor and see my dazzling experience on video below. Even better, the fact that I can also make rich taste of hot chocolate, chai lattes, and even cold drinks like peach tea and iced cappuccino without any mess completely fascinated me. Everything you need to make hot or cold drinks are already here in this easy-to-use capsules, which will be available in your nearest supermarkets very soon. 
So, if you're on the hunt for a coffee machine that comes with a compact design, easy to use and able to deliver wide range of drinks, you could consider this one to be your kitchen appliance must have item. I would highly recommend it.

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